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My Fav Wrestling Holds – The Grapevine

When it comes to wrestling holds I like, I have to tell you I find the Grapevine The Bomb! It is the total package: it is hot, a perfect opportunity for GLOW-like crotch-shots and it is an extremely efficient actual hold too, which works well for pins as well as for submissions.

Talk about GLOW-style crotch-shots...
Talk about GLOW-style crotch-shots…


While the Grapevine may seem like a fetish-motivated maneuver on the wrestling mats, I can attest to the fact that once you’re locked into it by an opponent with powerful legs, you’ll think you fell into the hands of the Spanish inquisition…all you’ll feel is excruciating pain which barely leaves you enough strength to signal your submission. Fetishy thoughts will be the last things on your mind.

I Give! Dammit!
I Give! Dammit!

Even if the attacking wrestler isn’t strong enough to force a submission via the Grapevine, it will help her work a pin as it is a great immobilization-maneuver too.

The bottom line: the Grapevine simply rocks!


Catch Queen’s Competitive Destruction

Catch Queen’s Competitive Destruction – $10

“Buy Now” links do not work anymore. If you want to buy this video, pls email me at: queencatch@gmail.com

This is the first fully competitive match I’ve ever wrestled with Noir and it didn’t exactly go the way I had planned for it. I started off well, but quickly ran out of breath and ended up spending most of the match on the defense/dominated. The match was a good one though, enjoyable for us (even though I ended up with some nasty mat-burns on my elbows – HAVE to get some elbow-pads),with a great reversal at one point.

This match is a “raw” competitive one, in which we essentially started off and wrestled as long as we could. There are several submissions in it along the way and there is obviously a clear winner, despite a twist at the end. There are scissors, mounts and even a boston crab in it, and bruises and mat-burns on the downside. Shooting it was a great experience for us.untitled

The location is the same one we used in our previous video. The lighting is a bit odd too, not our usual one, but the resulting footage is of a good quality. It was all shot in 720p, and the video is of the usual .wmv (Windows Media Video) format. The pictures you can see on this page (click on them to see them full-size) are screenshots from the actual video without any enhancements.untitled

The video-length is 10:45 and the size of the .wmv file is ~145 MB, which is well manageable even through the slowest of connections. Payment for the video can be made through PayPal. As soon as you make your payment and confirm it, you are transferred to a download page, which serves as your receipt as well. Follow the instructions there to download your video. If you run into any kind of problems with the download, do not hesitate to contact me. I will make 100% sure you get your video.

Shooting this one may not have been a physically pleasing experience, but it was definitely a great workout for the both of us!

XOXO Catch Queen

“Buy Now” links do not work anymore. If you want to buy this video, pls email me at: queencatch@gmail.com


A Not-So-Triumphant Return

A Not-So-Triumphant Return – $10

“Buy Now” links do not work anymore. If you want to buy this video, pls email me at: queencatch@gmail.com

This video is the first custom we’ve done since I returned to action and the first video of 2016. I was a bit rusty in this and it was a custom too, meaning that we didn’t really have a lot of freedom in choosing the holds/moves. The bottom line is though that there were plenty of hot holds requested and if you like to see me balled up in tight pins and tapping out my surrender, you’ll probably like it.

The match consists of three rounds and I’m wearing what’s probably my hottest ever wrestling outfit: my super-shiny gold thong suit with some freshly purchased shiny toast Danskin tights, kneepads and sassy sneakers. The holds covered include my favorite folding pin, Boston crab, as well as various slaps and kicks and some full-body pin-down action. There’s a cobra-clutch too and submissions to end each fall.

Match costs $10untitled

The scene is not the usual one. The lighting is a bit different as well (as you can probably tell from the attached screenshots). The video has been shot in the usual 720p, and once again converted to .wmv format (Windows Media Video). The pictures I attached here depict some of the moments I liked best in the match and they also offer a sort of a clue in regards to the quality of the video.untitled

The length of the video is 19:23, and the file is some 267 MB big, easily downloadable through even the slowest connections. The payment is once again PayPal. After you make the actual payment, you are transferred to a confirmation/download page, where you can actually download the file. Whatever problems you run into with your download (which under normal circumstances should work fine 100% of the time), drop me an email and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that you do get your file.

I loved shooting this video, and though I was a bit rusty, the action did me good! Download it now!

XOXO Catch Queen

“Buy Now” links do not work anymore. If you want to buy this video, pls email me at: queencatch@gmail.com