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My Fav Wrestling Holds – The Grapevine

When it comes to wrestling holds I like, I have to tell you I find the Grapevine The Bomb! It is the total package: it is hot, a perfect opportunity for GLOW-like crotch-shots and it is an extremely efficient actual hold too, which works well for pins as well as for submissions.

Talk about GLOW-style crotch-shots...
Talk about GLOW-style crotch-shots…


While the Grapevine may seem like a fetish-motivated maneuver on the wrestling mats, I can attest to the fact that once you’re locked into it by an opponent with powerful legs, you’ll think you fell into the hands of the Spanish inquisition…all you’ll feel is excruciating pain which barely leaves you enough strength to signal your submission. Fetishy thoughts will be the last things on your mind.

I Give! Dammit!
I Give! Dammit!

Even if the attacking wrestler isn’t strong enough to force a submission via the Grapevine, it will help her work a pin as it is a great immobilization-maneuver too.

The bottom line: the Grapevine simply rocks!


Pins, Pins, Pins!

Pins, Pins, Pins! – $10

“Buy Now” links do not work anymore. If you want to buy this video, pls email me at: queencatch@gmail.com

This is my first video which is not a custom, meaning that it was done without an outside script. People have been requesting a video focused exclusively on pins and since I love pins, I finally delivered. Be warned, this video is extremely fetishy. It is in fact quite possibly the hottest video that we have thus far done (will hopefully be surpassed in the future), and if you like wrestling pins, bottom-up face down fold-ups and other such tight, in-your-face wrestling holds, this video is a must have for you.

This one isn’t an actual match, it’s like a pin seminar: I dominate the action from start to finish, delivering one hot and devastating pin after another (oh, and we’re both barefoot – in pantyhose). There are various folding pins (my personal favorites – there’s just something diabolically hot in having your opponent helpless and bottom-up), grapevines, full body pins, there’s one punctuated with a facesit, leghooks and you-name-it.

Match costs $10untitled

The scene of the action is the usual (the room we use as our studio), the lighting is the same as in the other videos we shot (it’s OK), and the quality of the video is HD (720p) although some of the crispiness of the image got lost during conversion to .wmv (Windows Media Video) format. The pictures you see on this page are not only depictions of some of my favorite moments from this video, they’re also actual screenshots.untitled

The video is 12:27 long, hence the discounted price. The file is 169 MBs big, so you shouldn’t have any problems with your download. As always: after you make the PayPal payment, you’re transferred to a download page, from where you can fetch the video directly. If you encounter any problems with your download, do not hesitate to contact me: I’ll make sure you do indeed get your file.

This video is thus far the best depiction of what Catch Queen is about. Pick it up now!

XOXO Catch Queen

“Buy Now” links do not work anymore. If you want to buy this video, pls email me at: queencatch@gmail.comuntitled

Catch Queen’s Freestyle Showdown

Catch Queen’s Freestyle Showdown – $15

“Buy Now” links do not work anymore. If you want to buy this video, pls email me at: queencatch@gmail.com

My third wrestling video, this one was done based on a detailed script which we tried to follow as closely as we could too. Clad in shiny wrestling singlets over pantyhose, we go through a wide range of fetishy wrestling holds mostly in a freestyle fashion.

In the beginning, my crotch lifts and holds send shivers through Noir’s body as I dominate the match and at one point have my opponent completely upside down by the crotch.

Match costs $15


There are three rounds of action, and the holds just keep coming: there are crotch-lifts, leghook-pinning, an occasional facesit as well and a massive spladle which spells the end of the round for one wrestler at one point during the bout. We went full-force, so some of the holds applied were quite bone-crushing indeed. There’s even a sleeper which puts one lycra-clad warrior out of action for good.

The scene of the match is the usual (we’re looking to improve on that in various ways, so hopefully we’ll have matches shot in other locations in the future). The lighting is the usual (good) and the video has been shot in 720p. The video is 19 minutes long and the size of the file is 225 MB, excellent for downloading over slower connections too. The file is in the usual .wmv format.



The screenshots featured on this page are from the video itself. Having made the payment, you’ll be transferred to a download page. If you happen to run into any kind of problems with your download after you’re purchased the video, drop me an email and I’ll sort it out for you.

XOXO Catch Queen

“Buy Now” links do not work anymore. If you want to buy this video, pls email me at: queencatch@gmail.com