Catch Queen vs Valley Doll

I’m Catch Queen, an exotico wrestler and pro wrestler wannabe, the owner of this wrestling website. I have been in love with women’s professional wrestling ever since I first learned about the existence of the sport. While I do have a few competitive and even a couple of pro bouts under my belt, I am by no means experienced in the squared circle. It was therefore quite a surprise when my manager, who turned out to be acquainted with Valley Doll’s manager (you know, Valerie from ValleyDollComics) set up this match. I knew that experience-wise I was no match for this girl, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to step into the ring with such a notorious online wrestling personality to try to make a name for myself.

Catch Queen locks up with Valley Doll

Strategy-wise, I knew I had to take the fight to her early and surprise her with sheer aggression, so I came out firing on all cylinders showering her with slaps and breast-edge chops. The element of surprise worked well, as the Doll had probably not anticipated such a start to the bout. She seemed a little taken aback, intimidated even by the sudden onslaught, and I took full advantage of the situation. I quickly body-slammed her and then nearly decapitated her with a massive clothesline I managed to successfully deliver. Dazed, she was clearly out of her element and that’s when I made my move and managed to get her into my favorite wrestling hold: the spladle. Those who know the spladle know how vicious it is and how efficiently it doubles as a submission hold. They also know that the spladle is a freestyle wrestling move, seldom if ever seen in a pro wrestling ring, so there was no way she knew what I had planned for her despite the fact that she too has quite a background in freestyle wrestling. By the time she realized what was happening, she was face buried, bottom-up, struggling for breath and quite probably pondering how things had managed to take such a sudden southward turn for her.

Since her shoulders weren’t exactly on the mat, I figured I’d just keep her in the hold until she had no other option but to submit. The plan was fine, as I knew the spladle was all but impossible to escape, and had I stuck to it and not tried to get fancy, I would probably have obtained her surrender. Knowing too well how utterly humiliated she must’ve felt, I decided to rub it in though. I also began to turn in the ring with her to add to her humiliation and feeling of helplessness. Indeed, there are few things more exposing and compromising than being locked in a spladle and then turned around on your back as if exposed in a display-case. I could sense her blood was boiling and that’s when the unthinkable happened: as I was turning her, her hand got too close to the bottom ring rope and she grabbed hold of it. As soon as I saw her hand grasping it I knew the match was over: I had missed my only chance to grab the win there. The ref immediately broke up my bulletproof spladle and we both stood up. I figured she’d take more than a fraction of a second to regain her breath, but that wasn’t the case: she delivered a lightning fast kick to my groin, and then as I doubled over, she kneed me square in the face. That pretty much killed off all my fighting spirit. She then stepped back and having regained her composure, invited me to a test of strength. By then, she had the psychological edge though, and she won the test of strength, punctuating her superiority with yet another kick to my groin. She then gave me a massive vertical suplex, and having inserted her fingers through the leghole of my bathing suit she gave it a nasty yank, as a result of which the crotch of my bathing suit cut into my privates painfully, in spite of the limited protection offered by my pantyhose.

What followed was a wrestling lesson basically: she bodyslammed and powerslammed me repeatedly. She went for a couple of pin attempts, but I managed muster enough strength to kick out both times. Eventually, she locked on a STF though, and those who know their wrestling know that the STF is usually a sure showstopper in most cases. I tried to hang on and to crawl towards the ropes but to no avail. The pain soon became so bad I began to feel literally sick and I tapped out while screaming my surrender.


Not satisfied with her victory, the Doll gave me a nasty Michinoku driver, which briefly blacked me out. She laid me out spread-eagled in the middle of the ring and gave me a reverse facesit for good measure, while striking a victory pose and rubbing it in herself.

This match may not have gone down the way I had planned it, but I’m not a sore loser: I’m open to a rematch anytime, even though the second time around I may not even have the element of surprise on my side anymore.

If you want to learn more about Valley Doll, check her out at her very own ValleyDollComics. She’s the definition of the razzle-dazzle, glamour wrestler, and she has mad skills too and for all that, I obviously hold her in high regard despite the trouncing she gave me.


My #AllRed Look

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I posted here…I’ve been busy with work in general and YouTube (make sure you check out my channel and sub:, but now I’m back to share with you one of the new looks that I’ve cooked up, my #AllRed look. Inspired by WWE’s Eva Marie, this look came sort of natural to me since I’ve always had a thing for red and a bunch of red suits/leggings, so it was like: why don’t I give this a go?

Wrestling #AllRed Getup
Wrestling #AllRed Getup

I must say I do sort of like the end result, even though I honestly didn’t really like the first few pics that I took, everyone else did and now it all sort of grew on me. I picked up a pair a superb red stilettos recently, so I’m ready to take #AllRed even further on my next YouTube shoot. I tweaked the makeup a bit too to reflect the new image better and I must say I like the way it came out.

Regular #AllRed getup
Regular #AllRed getup

To top it all off, I shot a custom wrestle in my new #AllRed look too, and it came out great…I’ll make the match available here soon.