My Fav Wrestling Holds – The Grapevine

When it comes to wrestling holds I like, I have to tell you I find the Grapevine The Bomb! It is the total package: it is hot, a perfect opportunity for GLOW-like crotch-shots and it is an extremely efficient actual hold too, which works well for pins as well as for submissions.

Talk about GLOW-style crotch-shots...
Talk about GLOW-style crotch-shots…


While the Grapevine may seem like a fetish-motivated maneuver on the wrestling mats, I can attest to the fact that once you’re locked into it by an opponent with powerful legs, you’ll think you fell into the hands of the Spanish inquisition…all you’ll feel is excruciating pain which barely leaves you enough strength to signal your submission. Fetishy thoughts will be the last things on your mind.

I Give! Dammit!
I Give! Dammit!

Even if the attacking wrestler isn’t strong enough to force a submission via the Grapevine, it will help her work a pin as it is a great immobilization-maneuver too.

The bottom line: the Grapevine simply rocks!