Noir’s Revenge

Noir’s Revenge – $15

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This video is my second custom, so this too was ordered by a client and this too features moves/holds requested by the said client. The video was a success with the person who ordered it, as we tried to match his specifications in regards to the action as closely as we could. This video isn’t as keen on the fetish element as the previous one, although obviously this too is sort of fetishy, only aimed at a different category of wrestling fetish. There are many straight-up moves in it and more verbal engagement than in the previous one.

There are 3 rounds of action again, featuring moves like the surfboard, the test of strength, chops, belly punching, knees to the midsection, boston crab, figure 4 leg-lock, abdominal twist, stomach claw etc.

Match Costs $15untitled

The location we used for this video is the same one as in our previous vid and in many of our YouTube videos, so it’s nothing special. The lighting is OK. We shot the match in 720p, though again, the video has been converted into WMV (Windows Media Video) format, and with that, the quality suffered a bit. It is still as good as anything else you’ll find out there (with the exception of the ultra-HD stuff of course). The pictures you see attached here are screenshots from the actual video, not promotional photos.untitled

The length of this video is 18min+, which came sort of as a surprise for us, since it’s a tad shorter than our first one, and we worked more than 3 times as much on this one. The outfits are the usual: thong bathing suits/leotards with pantyhose, kneepads and boots. After you click one of the “buy now” buttons belonging to this video, you’ll be able to download it within a few seconds (the size of the downloadable file is ~244 MB) and start viewing right away…Instant gratification!

Once again we had fun making this video and we hope you have fun watching it! Thank you for your purchase.

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Catch Queen vs Black Widow

Catch Queen vs Black Widow – $15

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This video is my first custom video, ordered by a customer who provided the script, so the match itself is not my brainchild so to speak. He wanted face-sits and dragon sleepers and crotch-grabbing, so there’s plenty of those moves and thus the match turned out quite fetishy indeed.

There are three rounds of action during which I give as well as I take. Besides the above said moves, there are also breast-edge chops, belly punching, knees to the belly, various pins and leg-hooks, grapevines, matchbooks etc.

Match costs $15untitled

The match was filmed at a location we have used as a studio for several of the photo-shoots/YouTube videos we have done, which is to say that it isn’t particularly glamorous (we are now thinking about renting an actual gym with matting possibly even a ring if possible at all). The lighting is decent and the action was shot in 720p. The quality of the video lost some luster when converted into .WMV (which you can download here) but it’s still great, more than equal to the quality produced by the mainstream video producers out there.
The attached pictures are actual screenshots, which don’t really do the video quality justice, I’ve only attached them to give you an idea of what the action looks like.
The match is made up of 3 rounds of action, and the entire length of the video is 24 minutes 44 seconds, so that ought to be a good bang for your buck.untitled

As soon as you’ve made the payment, you’ll be transferred to a download page, where you’ll be able to pick up the video immediately, so essentially (depending on the speed of your internet connection) within a few minutes of your payment, you’ll be watching the video.
The file-size is 334 MB ( so downloading it shouldn’t be a problem), and the format (as said above) is .wmv (Windows Media Video). If you encounter any problems with the download, drop me an email and I’ll make sure you do get your video.
I hope you enjoy watching this video is much as we enjoyed shooting it…
XOXO Catch Queen

“Buy Now” links do not work anymore. If you want to buy this video, pls email me at: queencatch@gmail.comuntitled