The TransGlam Express

A couple of days ago, Noir (the partner you see me wrestling in my videos) and I, decided to form a wrestling team called the TransGlam Express, and yes, in theory at least and if we can find opponents, we are set on wrestling as a tag-team too. For the time being though, we’re just happy that we can do what we both love, which is wrestling while glammed up. You can check out our videos in the video section of my site, and we have some more action drawn up, including a custom as well as a couple of real, competitive matches, sort of to establish the pecking order within the TransGlam Express.

Here are some shots of the TransGlam Express in action:

In the past, Noir wasn’t much more than cannon-fodder in the mask that some of you have pointed out wasn’t particularly appealing. For starters, we have purchased a new – much better mask – which you can check out in some of my latest pictures (I’m wearing it), and which does not hinder breathing and sight anymore. What’s more, Noir is about ready to ditch the mask altogether, although this new mask has turned out to be such a sassy number indeed that we will continue to use it for our matches/videos/pictures, and yes, I will wear it too.

We’re looking forward to shooting much more content for you guys, and we aim to improve bit-by-bit in small, incremental steps all the time, so it’s always worth checking back.

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