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The Many Faces of Catch Queen

1Those who know me know that I’m a professional wrestler wannabe of the mold of the Mexican Exoticos, though it’s safe to say there are significant differences between what I am/stand for and the exoticos. First of all, there’s no better way to put this: I’m straight. I just am…that’s a fact. As one of my fans once put it: I’m nothing more than an exceptionally extravagant metrosexual, although that may not be a particularly accurate definition of me either, it’s definitely more approximative than anything else out there. Frankly, many of the exoticos are straight too: the gimmick they push in the ring isn’t necessarily a reflection of their real life preferences.

Secondly: I absolutely did not model my professional wrestling persona after any of the exoticos, simply because I only found out they existed a few years ago, and Catch Queen was born waaay before that. As a matter of fact, for a long while I thought I was one of a kind, obviously a bit of arrogance on my part stemming from ignorance, quickly rebuffed when my eyes were opened and I learned more about the professional wrestling scene south of the border. I am not trans in the technical sense of the word and I do not aim to be that. I’m comfortable the way I am, and I definitely love glamour and gussying up- I always have.

A female-impersonating entertainer (drag queen) is quite probably the closest to what I am as far as my wrestling persona is concerned, and that’s reflected by my ring name too, which is obviously not a reference to any kind of blue blood. (“catch” by the way is French for “pro wrestling”, so that explains the other half of my ring-name).

As you can probably tell, the technical side of ladies professional wrestling is just as appealing to me as the flashy, glamour aspect of it. As far as I’m concerned, a proper ring/mat image is just as big a part of the professional wrestling experience as the various in-ring acrobatics and technical skills. Professional wrestling is a highly visual form of sports entertainment, one combining pretty much all my favorite things: there’s athleticism, there’s fitness involved, there’s glamour and there’s peculiar sort of magic to it, only those truly addicted to the sport understand.

I’ve always been pretty athletic and I did in fact do freestyle wrestling for a couple of years, although I never really bought into it and at one point I just found myself repulsed by the whole idea (go figure). The bottom line: freestyle wrestling in its traditional sense is still not something for me, although on the other hand, I do find the ladies freestyle scene extremely interesting and I love to see it gather more and more momentum worldwide.

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