My Squared Circle Heroines

Having been a lifelong ladies’ professional wrestling fan, I’ve obviously encountered a number of female wrestlers who inspired and influenced me in one way or another, effectively determining who I am today. The reasons why these ladies stood out for me are quite unclear…even I can’t properly put my finger on why they caught my fancy, but I do suspect a factor or two here and there.


Take Malia Hosaka for instance. I first learned of her existence after I witnessed a match of hers against Akira Hokuto in WCW. She was an attractive wrestler, with a very warm and down-to-earth air about her, and she took a horrendous beating, selling every move to perfection. It was then I started to research her online and came across her LPWA work. Compared with most of the other women in the LPWA, Malia had a slight frame, looking smaller and a lot less powerful than most of her opponents. Having had a similar physique as a child, I identified with her, and she quickly became my heroine, taking the fight to her opponents against the odds, and often having her hand raised at the end of the bout.


My other childhood wrestling idol, Magnificent Mimi, represented an aspiration for me. Endowed with a perfect physique, she was strong, disciplined and skilled in various martial arts outside the squared circle too. She was the sort of competitor I aspired to be like, and even to this day, she’s not a bad role model for anyone looking to live clean and to amount to something in life.


Reggie Bennreggiebennettett and Denise Storm inspired me through the strength and power they exuded. There were indeed no lady wrestlers of that era (and very few afterwards) who could match women like Denise and Reggie strength-wise. Reggie in particular was a true role-model in regards to her attitude towards the sport and the way she represented the ladies of professional wrestling all over the world.

Discovering Pippa L’Vinn and her troop of professional female wrestlers online was another major milestone of my ladies wresting fandom. I happened across their site – which didn’t exactly contain much textual information, but had plenty of pictures back then – and for a while there, it became my favorite online destination, though later, that outfit was blown up and Pippa struck out on her own to become one of the most successful female wrestlers in Britain.

Pippa has always been a great heel, and her wrestling style was something I quickly grew to like and appreciate: a true inspiration for anyone into suspended disbelief and kayfabe out there.


Last but definitely not least, I have to mention Nikki. It was back in 2000, and I was in summer-camp in Cape Cod, MA, (not going to name the actual camp) where we were sometimes granted access to a computer to email our friends/parents/etc. Of course, kids are kids and the majority of the campers were all over the various khm…adult-rated sites, khm, whenever they got to spend an hour in the computer room under one of the bigger cabins. What I did, having finished my emailing, was to look for info on ladies wrestling and it was there that I discovered Nikki and her pindowngirls. For me, that was another GLOW-like revelation: a wrestler who seemed like she’d read my mind in several respects. Nikki has long since retired from the wrestling scene, but the impression she left in me still lingers, and it is indeed safe to say she had a major hand in getting me to go down the “Catch Queen” path.

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