jobbers v heels

Jobbers Vs Heels

1Fans of old-school professional wrestling know all about jobbers: they were women apparently brought in straight from the street (obviously, they were trained and capable wrestlers, they just looked clueless) whose job was to make the contenders look good. Jobber squashes were highly popular back in the days, when there were three main categories of wrestlers: jobbers, faces (good girls) and heels (bad girls). Jobbers were subordinated to faces as well as to heels: they were taken apart, thrown from pillar to post, pinned and submitted by the heels as well as the faces, and they were the darlings of the ladies professional wrestling scene regardless. There are wrestling fans out there who like heels, there are fans who like faces and then there’s a sizable percentage of the fan-base who are crazy about jobbers.

Indeed, all three categories have been integral parts of the magic of the squared circle, and even though pure-bred jobbers have largely been done away with these days in mainstream ladies’ wrestling, for the true fan, they’re still as big a part of the picture as ever.


People often ask me whether I like to heel or job. There are people out there who like to see me dominate the action and destroy an opponent, while others want to see me buy it big time. I don’t have a particular preference in this respect. I like to heel, and I’m OK with jobbing too. When it comes to selling moves in a convincing manner, the truth is that I find it easier to job. I’ve always found it easier to sell pain, especially after I get tossed or get locked in a submission hold which does in fact hurt a little bit. Being a truly efficient and impressive heel is no walk in the park. One has to be able to take the heat from the crowd, while staying focused on her theatrics. Properly slipping into the role of a heel is a challenge and a privilege usually reserved for the more experienced wrestlers out there, and obviously, I do not belong in that category, but I definitely don’t shy away from giving it my best.

Being a face is quite possibly the easiest to pull off theatrics-wise. One isn’t concerned with selling the moves properly neither is there a character one needs to put over. One just has to act natural and to stick to the basics. Obviously though: a face without some extremely impressive athletic tricks up her sleeve isn’t really a face at all.

The bottom line: at the end of the day, I think I do prefer the role of the jobber, but nothing involving wrestling is no-go territory for me. So yes, if the opportunity calls for it, I’ll heel and if I have to, I’ll be a face too…

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